Hey Ya'll...

So what or who is Quaint?


I am Ashley Speaks, Owner and Event Stylist of Quaint. We are a bit family owned and operated in that my family is always up for a good event setup (with a collective 50+ years experience in catering and events between my mother, sister, and I).

Quaint started as just an adjective I used quite consistently in daily conversation, developed into a flight of fancy and wishful thinking during a road trip conversation with my husband, and has evolved into my dream career come to life.

From 12 years old I was exposed to the world of events through time spent with my mother at work. I got to see and be a part of the ins and outs of an event business. The frantic and exciting energy that came along with big setups that were meticulously planned, the administrative and leadership qualities of a great management team, the setbacks of mistakes but also the learning that was done.


There was also a few exciting moments where teenage Ashley got to speed around in the golf cart to setup and breakdown events all on my own...I absolutely adored it! But it didn't occur to me until years out of college that this might be my career passion. I took notice of the ways I'd started to incorporate events into my work planning elaborately themed parties for my students, coordinating annual events and fairs...being the girl at work who did the absolute most with the company hospitality committee. 

So in 2015 I decided to start Quaint as a bit of hobby. In 2016 i became a certified interior decorator. And in 2018 I got the opportunity to take Quaint and go full-time as an Event Stylist. I'm so thrilled that this flight of fancy has evolved into a bit of a career.