Questions and Such

What type of events does Quaint style?

We provide styling services for small events; weddings, personal celebrations, intimate gatherings, corporate events and meetings.

How do I check available dates? 
Contact us at 571-989-2940 or

How do I hold a date? 
There are two methods to hold a date. 

Save the Date Fee

If you would like to hold your date prior to the issuing of a contract, there is a nonrefundable 150.00 event hold fee. Once a contract is signed, this fee will be deducted from the final balance due for your event. 


Contract Signing

You will have seven business days from the date that your contract is issued to return the signed contract and the required deposits. During this time your date is on-hold. Once the seven days expire your date will be released.


What is your deposit and payment policy? 
The initial deposit is the total cost of supplies plus 25% of the estimated labor, which must be paid at contract signing. The balance and any other fees are due no later than one day prior your event date. Please ask for more details and refer to your event contract.


Contract Signing
In order to ensure appropriate planning and delivery of design items, unless otherwise noted during your initial consultation, all contracts must be signed and initial deposits submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to you event date. Contracts signed beyond this point will incur and additional $200.00 rush planning fee to account for expedited shipping costs, planning time, and labor.

What is your cancellation and refund policy? 
Please ask for more details and refer to your event contract. Generally, refunds for events are not available.


What happens if we change our event date? 
Contact us immediately to get more information about date changes and availability.


What are the costs associated with styling my event?

We approach each event as a newly inspired design, which draws from the detailed information gathered during your consultation. As such, no two events are alike and we do not charge a flat rate as some events require more design and planning while others require less. Hourly rates are between $50-$100 and are based on your budget, the complexity of your design, and the staffing needs on the day of your event.  After the initial consultation we will plan out the expected number of hours that the event will take and the cost of supplies. This way you can always be sure you know what you will be paying.

What is the cost for a consultation and site visit?

Prior to moving forward with Quaint, we ask that all potential clients speak with us for a quick 15 minute event assessment. This will provide us with basic details of your event and allow us to provide general information about our services. If you decide to move forward, consultations and site visits are complimentary within 25 miles.

How do I know you are the best fit for my event needs?

We recommend an initial event assessment and consultation. This will allow both of us to ask any questions regarding the event, services we can provide, and your vision. It is important to us that we are as good a fit for you as your event is for us. Also, we work to provide as much flexibility as necessary to ensure your day is just as you envision.


Do you have liability insurance?

Without a doubt, this is an absolute essential. As needed, we can provide copies of our certificate of insurance to your venue Point of Contact.


How often will we communicate leading up to the event?

This answer varies with each event. After our initial consultation and site visit where we’ve established your vision and expectations for the day, we will be able to provide an estimate of how often we will communicate and when that communication will occur.


What makes you qualified to be an Event Stylist?

Quaint is a family run business, our team having more than 50 years collective experience in catering and events. We’ve gained that experience in the midst of large scale events, and have worked every aspect you could imagine from the management and coordination of an event to the meal prep and food running on the big day. This means we see the styling of the event not just in a silo but as it works with the various elements that make your big day a success.

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Prior to going full-time with Quaint, I planned, coordinated, and managed several non-profit events and celebratory events. I am a certified interior decorator and a member of the Greater Washington Association of Wedding Professionals.


My mother Kathy is currently Project Manager, overseeing catering and food service operations for a US Coast Guard installation. Additionally she has been working in the catering and events industry since 1998.


My sister Heather, is a free spirit with a creative eye. In addition to providing assistance with photography, videography, design, and event setup and breakdown she has been working side by side with my mother and I since she was a child.