What are Orange Suitcase Services?

A big part of promoting an event business is establishing your space online. Orange Suitcase services will work specifically with event entrepreneurs who are wanting to give their products and services a place to shine.​

  • Logo Development

    • Design

    • Fonts

    • Color Palettes

  • Web Development

    • Online Stores

    • Portfolios

    • Photo Editing

    • Social Media Startup/Integration

Free client consultations available in person or via Skype and FaceTime. To schedule a time or if you have any questions email us at orangesuitcase@itsquaint.com

*Sites created using Wix platform.

  • Training provided to allow novice users to take over site maintenance at the projects' completion.

  • Ongoing maintenance is also provided for users who would prefer maintenance through Orange Suitcase services.

*Domain services through gandi.net

Why call it Orange Suitcase?

Years ago when I got my first job out of college I also started traveling quite often to visit friends, family, and for work. I was so excited to purchase my first set of luggage. At a time when luggage was boring and plain I was ecstatic when I found a set of orange Samsonite luggage (at TJ Maxx, as a new young professional should be stylish and budget conscious).

That luggage saw me through so many trips and adventures, marriage, buying a home, starting a family. When I took over the hospitality committee at work I would wheel all my supplies into the office in that orange suitcase. My coworkers always commented about it like it contained a bit of magic inside, everything we needed to transform our office into a magical space.

When I got the idea to offer Logo and Web Development services I knew I wanted Quaint to "carry" everything a new event entrepreneur needed to build their space online. I also knew Orange Suitcase, the thing that helped me carry all that I needed to show what I could do, and that helped to build so many amazing moments with people that I cherish would be the name.